Young stock


Young stock at Lewa PDTC are kept under zero grazing.
where they are fed ad lib on high quality silage and concentrates



Milking herd in Lewa PDTC are held in a feedlot where they
are fed on silage ad-lib and concentrate based on production.

Baraka Farm

Cheese house

Lewa PDTC have state of the art processing plant where they process own
milk into high quality cheese, Mala and Yoghurt.

COw House design


Practical training in progress on cow house design
in progress at Lewa PDTC.

About Lewa PDTC

Lewa Practical Dairy Training Center started as a project of the Lewa Children's Home Trust (LCH -Trust), which is a charitable non-governmental organization founded by Phyllis Keino. Phyllis's vision was to develop a farm that would produce nutritious, healthy food and provide additional income for the orphanage. She started Baraka Farm in 1989. To support the community, Phyllis decided to share her experiences and knowledge gained during the development of Baraka Farm, with other farmers. Thus began its farm outreach program.

In 2003, a small holder farm was established within Baraka Farm. The farm which lies on 2.5 acres of land is used for fodder production for the dairy cows and the calves are housed in an individual slatted pen. Enough space is set aside for food production for the family living on the homestead. Since 2003, people from all over East Africa have visited Baraka Farm. These guests were farmers, livestock officers, students, etc. In 2013, the LCH -Trust decided to offer farmers one week course rather than a guided tour in order to share knowledge about dairy cows and best farm management practices in a more informative and practical way.

Training Programs

Lewa PDTC offers one week training course that starts on Monday and ends on Friday afternoon. The course is taught through the following modules:

  • Feeding
  • Pasture Management
  • Housing
  • Calf Rearing
  • Milk Technique and Hygiene
  • Health Management
    • Fertility Management
      • Farm Record Keeping

      • During the training 60% of the time is spent on practical 'hands on' training at the farm while 40% is used for theoretical background and open discussion. Lewa Practical Dairy Training Centre offers full board and lodging. Protective clothing and rubber boots are provided.

Training Costs

The fee charged for one week training is Ksh 15,000. This caters for:

    • Training
    • Accomodation for one week
    • Meals for one week
    • Certificate upon completion
    • Training materials - Books, pens, overall, dust coats and gumboots